Beer is by far the most popular alcoholic drink in the UK. Whether yours is a lager, a stout, a pilsner or an IPA, you really can’t beat a cold one down the pub on Friday evening. 

If you’re looking to cut down on calories, most experts would recommend cutting alcohol completely. If you’re like me, however, and are not quite ready to take such drastic actions, light beers can be a good solution. 

They may not provide the same satisfaction as a full-bodied beer, but they will help to beat those weekend cravings without ruining your diet or hard work. 

Here are some of the most popular and best tasting light beers you can pick up at your local supermarket:

Bud Light:

An American beer staple, Bud Light, only made its way to our shores in recent years. Bud Light is basically a lighter and more refreshing version of the classic. Low calories and low alcohol make it a perfect choice for those trying to cut down on the booze.

Alcohol content: 3.5%
Calories: 127

Coors Light:

Most would agree that Coors Light is one of the best tasting light beers on the market and in many ways has a similar style and taste to Bud Light. Hints of malts and hops but much lighter bodied and refreshing. 

Alcohol content: 4.2%
Calories: 116

Sam Adams Light: 

If you’re looking for light beer with more flavour and depth, then Sam Adam Light is a good place to start. If you’re already a fan of bitters, then Sam Adams may be to your taste. 

Alcohol content: 4.9%
Calories: 119

Guinness Draught: 

This is a much lighter bodied version of the original and much-loved Irish stout. It is very similar in taste and many are impressed by the way it pours and sets like regular Guinness. However, Guinness is definitely an acquired taste and if you don’t like the original, you probably won’t like this. 

Alcohol content: 4.1%
Calories: 125

Skinny Brand Lager:

This vegan and gluten free beer is the one of the new kids on the block but has quickly established itself as a favourite amongst light beer drinkers. If you’re looking for something crisp and refreshing, but are trying to ditch the beer belly, then this is the one for you. 

Alcohol content: 4%
Calories: 89