Liverpool Management Team

Liverpool Fitness Magazine is the only premium fitness magazine and online news hub in Liverpool.

We are a non-profit organisation that produces fantastic content to an unrivalled media platform.

Our audience are typically under 45 with a keen interest in health and fitness.

Our magazine is complimented with an online news channel and website featuring the following topics;

Health, Gyms, Professionals, Studios, Classes and Wellbeing

Local and Global

Events, Healthy Food & Drink, Vegetarian, Vegan

Football, Rugby, Boxing,Cricket and much more

UK and overseas

Fitness Fashion and Interiors

The advertising prices for Liverpool Fitness Magazine including digital advertising to reach in excess of 110,000 readers per edition.

Our magazine is delivered to all gyms, studios, fitnesses related businesses and professionals throughout Liverpool.

Liverpool Fitness Magazine are also planning Liv Fit Week, a week of spectacular fitness events celebrating all things fitness related supported by the public and private sector.

With plans already underway to expand to Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham we are really excited to introduce you to our team and look forward to showing you our unique media platform.

Meet the team

Our fantastic team of talented editors and contributors responsible for bringing you all the news articles online and in Liverpool Fitness Magazine.

Dr. Jane Leonard – Health Editor

[email protected]

Dr. Jane Leonard

Lorraine McCulloch – Style & Fashion Editor

[email protected]

Lorraine McCulloch

Joanne Willcox – Wellbeing Editor

[email protected]

Joanne Willcox

Ceri Sedgwick- Associate Editor

[email protected]

Ceri Sedgwick

Daisy Speed – Associate Editor

[email protected]

Daisy Speed

Jordan Fleet – Sales Director

[email protected]

Jordan Fleet

Ben Edwards – Associate Editor

[email protected]

Ben Edwards

Adam Loughran – Head of Photography

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Adam Loughran

Paul Knowles – Founder & CEO

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Paul Knowles