Ever wondered why you’re not growing muscle the way you want to? or trying to stick to different training programmes from your idols? Here I’m going to provide 3 simple tips for maximising lean tissue growth for people wanting to chase their dream physique quicker.

These tips will provide a greater insight into training procedures and how to plan in advance.

1. High protein diet

Protein – AP

When going the gym, we go to apply adequate stress to different muscle groups depending on what you train that day. The growing phase begins when you get consistent sleep and consume a high protein diet, providing you are in calorific surplus. A great way of tracking daily calorie consumption is downloading the popular Myfitnesspal. This app allows you to stay on track by inputting your daily food, it will also show what calories you have left available from the macronutrients section. Why not give it a download and see fore yourself.

Why is this important for gaining muscle?

It is important as it will help the body repair quickly and more efficiently, allowing you to train that particular muscle group more frequently. Ensuring your diet consists of 1 gram of protein per 1lb of bodyweight is a good start. In addition to that, consuming high quality sources of protein. These can range from eggs, chicken, beef, white fish and whey protein. When trying to gain lean muscle tissue, it is important to note that you need to be in a calorific surplus. This will guarantee the body has sufficient calories to grow.

Intensified training

Intense Training – AP

Being accountable for starting a training plan, making note of workouts is a great way of increasing repetitions and increasing weight. The great thing about this is the body itself, it adapts under different stresses, provided it has the right energy (calories) available. Therefore, it is important to make note of workouts to apply this stress every time. Making note of your workouts also keep you on track for intensifying your training every time. In addition, Getting more sleep and staying consistent with the diet will put you on the right path for gaining lean muscle tissue more efficiently.

What type of training would be best?

The best type of training for gaining muscle would be resistant training, a type of training requiring different movements to apply stress from a variety of angles. For example, you could train a muscle group a day for a week but we recommend a current popular method. Splitting muscle groups into “push, “pull” and “legs”. is a great way of focusing on a set amount allowing you to train multiple muscles that day. This creates more resting days for sleep and rest, it also frees up a spare day for a lagging muscle group if you require an extra day.

3. Sleep

Sleep – AP

Another fundamental feature of growing muscle is plenty of sleep. We are all guilty of not getting enough sleep, especially under these circumstances. Ensuring you get plenty of sleep will help you perform optimally. Additionally, it will enhance the mindset to strive for greater results which leads to better quality training, accountability and faster muscle growth. Ultimately, the body will repair itself due to the high protein diet.

How much sleep should we have?

We recommend you get between 7-9 hours of deep sleep in every night to help for the following day. Things that are great for a soothing sleep would be darkening the room, listening to relaxing music and avoid eating close to bedtime. Why not give all these tips ago to see how it enhances your training for the better.