With the current situation happening across the world, it is important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Staying healthy and physically fit is an important process in our day to day lives. Current circumstances have now limited our usually engagement with physical activity. However, with that being said, we can still contribute to our overall health by increasing physical activity and eating healthy. Here at LivFitMag, we will share some ideas to help you maintain a healthy you whilst the current virus is present.

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Foods – AP

Consuming a healthy diet

Ensuring a healthy diet is essential at this time of year, especially to maintain muscle, a healthy immune system and the consumption of key nutrients. In addition to that, reducing calories. This is important as most of us will be less physically active than our usual routines. Adding more greens and fruits into your diet will help boost your immune system. Foods such as broccoli, citrus fruits, yoghurts, spinach and garlic are great for this. For many, training days will be limited due to gym closures. Providing we don’t over consume will contribute to a maintenance in weight depending on goals. Consuming a good amount of high protein sources will ensure you maintain muscle.

How can we make this sustainable? well, applying these measures through these next few week/months will keep you in a consistent routine. A great position to be in when all this blows over, ready to continue where we left off.

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Increase movement/physical activity

We all forget that any type of movement whether that be lifting our arms in the air, or walking to the shops is a form of physical activity. If we find ourselves in a position where we are at home over a period of time, it is important to maintain current physical activity levels. By implementing more movement round the houses key. Utilising a garden for aerobic activities such as walking, cycling, dancing high intensity exercises and even gardening would be a great start. Great options if you are wanting to get out and continue being active, experiencing movements that may be uncommon to you.

All these types of movements will contribute to cardiovascular health and overall endurance. In addition to that, keep our bodies under different types of stresses. Further contributing to muscle maintenance and growth.

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Take your mind off things

Providing we are mentally healthy is vital in this current situation, as we can get carried away with the news, articles and many more. Take your mind off things, read a book, complete a puzzle, try new things. There are many things we can do that we may not have had time for previously. Who knows, you may find something you enjoy. These prime examples could be key for taking our minds off of things, zoning out of social media and coming off our phones. Kind of like a “detox”. In addition to that, coming off our phones more which gives us more time to focus on other areas that can help de-stress, limit anxiety and keep us healthy.

Incorporating these procedures will help towards staying healthy, mentally healthy and active. Further improving mood and cognitive function under these current conditions.