Whether you’re going sober for October to improve your health, to raise money for charity, or had too many hangovers in September, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a social life thanks to Mocktails. Bars and restaurants across Liverpool often have a Mocktail selection on their drinks menu for the designated drivers or non drinkers. Alternatively, you can usually ask the bar staff for a non-alcoholic version of your favourite cocktail.


Mocktails from Fazenda
Fazenda – Exchange Flags Liverpool

Fazenda not only serves some of the best meats in town, but have a relaxing bar area to enjoy drinks too. They offer a great non-alcoholic cocktail menu with drinks such as the Passion fruit revelation, Ginger basil smash, and the Guarana sour being some favourites.


Mocktail Dash Liverpool
Dash – Victoria Street Liverpool

Dash is known for being a popular spot to spend the weekend with great food, atmosphere and most importantly, cocktails. Their newest creations include a range of non-alcoholic cocktails such as the ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’. They almost look too good to drink.


Mocktail from Neighbourhood Liverpool
Neighbourhood – Castle Street Liverpool

Neighbourhood’s well known cocktails are a perfect addition to a girls night out, but if you’re not drinking alcohol don’t worry – they offer mocktails on their drinks menu too. Popular choices are the ‘butterfly breeze’ or the ‘sugar lips’ non-alcoholic drinks.

Panoramic 34

Mocktails with a view at Panoramic 34
Panoramic 34 – Liverpool

If you’re looking at going somewhere for a special occasion, Panoramic 34 is the ideal place. Its views across Liverpool, the Wirral and even the Welsh hills are incredible and the drinks don’t disappoint either. Included in their menu of non-alcoholic cocktails are the Passion Delice (right) and the Ginger Flower (left) – both refreshing and delicious.

The Florist

Mocktail from The Florist
The Florist – Hardman street Liverpool

Whether you’re there to eat, drink or just get a photo on the flower wall, the Florist is one of Liverpool’s most popular restaurants. They offer some amazing non-alcoholic alternatives such as the refreshing Juniper Garden with elderflower, apple and vanilla.