Liverpool is currently on the incline of being a very health/fitness conscious city. In addition to that, more individuals setting short/longterm goals to better shape them as a person. We find ways to increase recovery time, build muscle and perform better. The supplement industry is at an all time high, with better brands competing for the top spot for best sports supplement products. We’ll review different products in different category’s and explain the benefits on consumption. Furthermore, allowing you to decide what supplements would work best for you on your fitness journey.

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Protein Powder

A fantastic supplement available for both males and females looking at increasing protein intake for their diet. Protein powders work by increasing lean muscle tissue alongside resistant bodily movements. It is a high protein, low calorie, low carbohydrate and sugar drink many people consume if they struggle from a food point of view.

Made from filtered milk which contains two proteins, one casein the other whey. Whey protein is further separated to form a high protein drink containing all 9 essential amino acids. If you prefer smoothies and milkshakes, supplement companies today have made fantastic tasting blends to suit all. Available in popular flavours such as chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, whilst maintaining a high 20-25g of protein per scoop. Not to mention less than 2g of sugar and carbohydrate per scoop.

BCAA product

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s)

Known around the world for promoting muscle growth, with the consumption of essential amino acids to help stimulate muscle protein synthesis further. Many arguments for and against, however a fantastic product for consuming key electrolytes for hydration purposes with a fruity taste during your workouts. Replenishment of electrolytes is key for muscle contractions, and transmission of nerve impulses. In addition to that, is is important to consume more sodium, potassium and more to allow cells to generate energy, maintain stability of their walls and to function in general.

The purpose of consuming BCAA’s is to reduce muscle soreness, promote muscle growth, Reduce fatigue and speed up recovery. Studies vary from consumption amounts, A BCAA powder with additional EEA’s (essential amino acids) prove a more suitable buy. Companies are now investing more into BCAA products such as increased cognitive support and pump benefits during training. It will be exciting to see whats shortlisted for 2020.

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A very popular option for supplement fanatics. Pre-workouts are designed to take your workouts to the next level through increased energy, cognitive performance and muscle pumps. A product taken for many different types of training, ranging from resistant, cardiovascular, functional and many more. Pre workouts contain mostly caffeine, enabling you to feel that focus/drive element to pump you up for the gym, a run or even a night-out in my cases.

Consumers have the option to purchase stimulant based pre-workouts, that will provide more energy for more intensified workouts. Perhaps a consumer doesn’t want energy and just wants a better pump in the gym, they have you covered. With more and more research of ingredients surfacing all year round, supplement companies want to compete for the best stuff. In addition to that, reaching their target audience. Last but not least, a lot more emphasis on cognitive improvement during a session by increasing focus.

Brain support product
Cognitive support supplements – AP

More focus has been put on cognitive health products in the supplement industry. The emphasis on this is due performance factors and how a company can increase focus elements whilst an individual is training. These supplements are called nootropics. Nootropic supplements work by enhancing cognitive performance which increases memory, creativity, motivation and many more. In addition to that, involving many other health benefits not just for the brain. A product with vast amount of innovation set to take over in 2020, so keep your eyes peeled for further news.

When analysing different products, it is always important to research how they would work best for you. How could they adapt your training? What could increase performance for your sport? We highly recommend checking out different supplement businesses and reading up further about products.

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