Throughout the month of October, Frost is serving up their special Pulled Hoisin Burger. We went to give it a try and can confirm that this one is not to be missed.

Halloween burger Liverpool Frost

Consisting of a black charcoal bun filled with red cabbage, leek, cucumber, sriracha mayo, hoisin sauce, cheeze and pulled ‘meat’, the pulled hoisin burger covers a broad spectrum of flavours. Think pulled-pork but without the pork.

Halloween burger Liverpool Frost

To celebrate Halloween, you’ll find the Pulled Hoisin special at Frost for a limited time only.

Like everything on their menu, the burger is 100% Plant Based.

Halloween burger Liverpool Frost

If you’re keen to get a taste of local street food and fancy a cruelty-free option, pay a visit to 58 Wood Street. Be sure to try their fries and delicious garlic mayonnaise too.

Frost Burgers Liverpool Vegan


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