December is here, and we are going to share with you our top 5 tips to relieve any stress and keep you on top of your fitness game throughout this busy period. It is very easy to go off on a tangent with the diet or miss training days due to festive traditions and we are here to tell you that it is ok. Everything within moderation is important this time of year, as it is a time to get together with the family and celebrate what a fantastic year 2019 has been. Listed below will be different tips that will help you with short/longterm goal setting, diet advice and how to minimise stress through this hectic period.

Food consumption

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Whether it being a weight loss journey or a muscle building phase, food consumption is a very important process throughout. However, this time of year it can get a little sloppy. Ensuring adequate food is consumed from a healthy range of fruit and vegetables, with the addition of a high protein diet will keep you satisfied. On non-training days, implement a lower carbohydrate intake and that can be applied on days when you are with the family, out for Christmas events etc.

Make sure you stay hydrated everyday, it is important not to forget about water and our hydration levels. With the consumption of alcohol for many over Christmas which is perfectly fine, just remember to top up and hydrate the body which will prevent headaches and lethargy.

Energy output

Energy expenditure – AP

A way of tracking energy output (energy expenditure) is by downloading the health app on your iPhone or android, this is a great way to measure heart rate, step count and how many calories have been expended. However, the more accurate alternatives would be Fitbit watches and Apple watches. These provide a much more accurate estimation of energy expenditure, which will therefore provide you with more information regarding sleep, calorie consumption and weekly updates.

This time of year actually works in our favour as we are rushing around purchasing last minute gifts for loved ones, getting the Christmas food shop in and seeing our family and friends. We forget how psychically active we have been throughout the day. It is important not to worry about this, if you know that over the next couple of days or weeks food is going to be higher, plan in advance. Incorporating a little more time to go on walks with the dog or head to the gym for a cardiovascular endurance session through various movements. This is called planning in advance which will set you up for an easier ride through this busy period, to ultimately keep you on track with your fitness goals.

Goal setting

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Why not start this early? The earlier the better as this will put you in the right mindset to tackle the upcoming challenges that await you in your fitness journey. Justifying what you want to achieve either short or longterm will be the crucial factor for how to conduct yourself through the busiest period. December can be an almost ‘too’ busy month for some, therefore it is important to start with small goal setting in order to establish a routine.

Many people use different methods of goal setting, some may staple a big piece of paper to their wall which they will wake up to every morning, some may keep a personal diary at hand to remind them daily of the routine they have planned. But ultimately it is what works best for you, get something down on paper, or make a note in your phone with an alarm sequenced. This will keep you in that driven mindset to stay on top of your short/longterm goals and keep the consistency through this period.

Completing tasks

Completing tasks

This time of year will challenge you mentally and physically. What will help relieve stress would be to complete any work tasks given before you leave your job for the Christmas holidays. Ensuring your work is complete will keep you relaxed, stress free and on top of your working schedule. Having good organisation can have many benefits, this can lead to increased energy, healthy eating habits, can lower heart-rate and improve sleep habits. A fantastic set of factors which will further help assist you through this December period.

A great way to prioritise tasks coming up is to plan in advance and tackle the different days from different angles. Having these plans in place will develop a stronger mindset with the drive to be successful. Implementing this strategy will contribute hugely to your overall wellbeing and keep you motivated for the new year to come.

Enjoy yourself

With all that being said, one of the most important events requires family time with loved ones. This is the time to de-stress from work, put your feet up and relax with loved ones, celebrating the year with good food and good company. This Is the time to reset your batteries ready to go in 2020, having all these factors in place prior to Christmas will keep you determined to carry on through January.

2020 is going to be a big and exciting year and you have all the requirements in place to take your fitness journey by storm.