As consumers mix and match active ingredients in self prescribed regimes thanks to the rise of affordable skincare products overload is now a real issue!

We live in an era where the quest for perfect skin is everything and the advice on how to achieve it is everywhere including influencers boasting about their overflowing bathroom cabinets to celebs swearing by the 10 step Korean skincare trend layering multiple ‘ miracle’ cream products in a bid for the glowing skin has become the norm.

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The high street is full of powerful actives thanks to affordable beauty companies which have tried to democratise the skincare market. 

People now have cupboards full skin care collections and as a result their skin can often suffer with overstimulation by using ingredients incorrectly and far too frequently.

A simple routine with good natural 

ingredients will create a visible difference. 

There isn’t anything wrong with the very expensive products on the perfect they look beautiful. It’s more the perception that a £10 retinol is just as good as a more expensive version. It’s detracting from the extra steps that research-led brands take to keep these formulas stable with advanced encapsulation and time release systems.

These products are more expensive because companies have to charge for the research development and marketing etc.

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There needs to be more distinction between different forms of actives because customers won’t always understand the concentration information written on products. Vitamin A and C comes in different derivatives than the pure form but you might not necessarily know or understand that they work differently and can become unstable.

The anti-ageing wonder ingredient Vitamin A has many forms – the ones most commonly used in skincare are retinol ( the alcohol form) retinue acid (active form) retinaldehyde (aldehyde form) and retinol palmitate and retinol acetate (Ester forms) some are more effective while others have fewer side effects


The labelling of these over-the-counter  brands is another cause for confusion with some stating a higher concentration for certain actives than the professional industry norm.

If one affordable brand has a 5% retinol product most cosmeceutical brands begin at 0.25% and increase up to the ‘high’ dose age of 1%. You may see an affordable 5% retinol in a high street shop but often the product isn’t pure retinol

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I’ve always used jan marini skin care in my clinics, I’m able to offer a full consultation and the appropriate products.

Empowering people with better skin, gut health and improving their vitality is so important. 

To simplify your routine with good natural ingredients that won’t break the bank try my 

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Marula facial oil and black liquorice face mask.

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