Whether it is long days in work, or countless hours in the gym. Sleep is one of the most important factors in our day to day lives. It helps us grow, feel good, energised and may more. We all may be guilty of lack of rest time at times, this then results in decreased motivation and energy. Therefore, it is important to aim between 7-9 hours of good quality res time a night.

Listed below, we will discuss the best ways on improving sleep. Also looking into the many benefits of more.

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How much should you be aiming for?

Requirements vary from different individuals. However, most adults need between 7-9 hours of good quality sleep. An important way of measuring your own sleep, is to find out what how much suits you. Some people need more, some less. Other variables then come into the picture, jobs that require night work, family, and other work priorities.

Teenagers should range between 8-10 hours, younger adults between 7-9 hours, adults should be aiming swell for 7-9 hours and lastly, older adults require 7-8 of good quality sleep. It is all about finding out what is best for you, getting into a routine which will help ease your body into a normal routine.

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How to improve your own sleep

The first important approach to getting better rest time, is assessing your lifestyle and normal routine/habits. Then you can start implementing changes for the better. Simple yet effective tips for better shuteye include, sticking to a consistent sleep pattern daily (even on weekends). This can be as simple as watching your favourite films and finishing the night off on time. Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillows, a small variable but one that could potentially change the quality of sleep you could be getting.

Limit sounds, ensure temperature is at a comfortable level and turn all lights off. This tip comes in very handy when trying to minimise any distractions that can prevent sleep. Incorporating this tip may be the gateway to better sleep pattern. Do not drink and type of stimulants (caffeine/energy drinks) before bed. This can contribute to increase heart-rate, you need to relax before bed. Allowing your body to relax will ease you into a nice sleep more quickly. The last tip which we are all guilty of, is to turn off all electronics before bed. Instead, read a book with a small light on. This will increase serotonin levels, and ensure you are in the right mindset before bed. Increased levels of anxiety/stress will prevent sleep.

These are just a few beneficial tips you could start including in your night schedule.

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The benefits of good quality rest time

Linking sleep with fitness is important due to the fact our bodies repair themselves during quality sleep. This helps prevent aches and pains after training days and recover more efficiently. The benefits are endless, which is why we believe it is a win win situation. We all love more sleep, it helps us recover and re-energise for the following day. Training can be very intense especially after working a full day in a job. This is where our bodies need that effective rest time to help us get through daily challenges and tasks. Listed below are the main benefits of quality sleep we all should be aiming for.

. It helps reduce stress.

. Helps improve memory.

. Can help lower bloody pressure.

. It can help fight off colds and infections.

. Can contribute to overall mood.

. Reduce inflammation.

. Helps prevent symptoms of depression.

These points are just a few of the many other benefits health wise that makes it an important feature in our day to day lives.

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