In a world of technology, we use smart phones and smart watches every day to make every day life easier and more efficient. There is a variety of apps that can help us to improve our health and fitness, and keep us motivated in the process. Don’t get lost in thousands of fitness and health apps the App Store has to offer, instead we have selected some of the best apps to reach your fitness goals.

My Fitness Pal

My fitness pal is an app that allows you to track calories, steps, exercise and even water intake. you can link it to your iPhone step count and its barcode scanner feature makes it super easy to scan an item for it’s nutritional info.

My fitness pal – AP


If you have a Fitbit, this app links with your watch to track your exercise and step count. You can also set reminders to keep yourself active. You can also track your sleep quality by wearing your Fitbit whilst you sleep, and log your weight, water intake and food intake to ensure you reach your goals.

FitBit – AP

Couch to 5K

If you’re new to running, or need some motivation to improve your running, this app has been created by Public health England to make it easier for beginners to reach 5K. The app aims to get you running for 30 minutes per day, 3 days per week for 9 weeks to get you 5K ready. Popular blogger ‘Zoella’ has been using it to improve her fitness!

Couch to 5k – AP


Fitness doesn’t just include your physical health, but includes your mental health too. You can’t create a healthy body without a healthy mind. This app is suitable for anyone from people who want to switch off after a long day in work, people who want to improve their meditation skills, or if you’re feeling particularly stressed or upset about something. It includes meditation, breathing exercises and sleep stories to help you become calmer, more focused and relaxed.

Calm – AP

Meal Prep Pro

This app is like a pocket-sized nutritionist. It includes plenty of healthy recipes and ideas to prepare your meals at home and track your calories. You can alter it to suit your dietary requirements such as Ketogenic (high fat) or vegan. Making healthy eating easy.

Meal prep pro – AP

Gym Shark Conditioning

Whether you are a beginner to fitness or a professional body builder, this app is customised to suit you and your style of workouts. In this app you can follow athlete workouts including HIIT workout plans, full body workout plans and more, with your choice of routines from the gym floor to your home. You can also use this app to track your progress to see how you improve over time and hit those PBs.

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Nike Run Club

Whether you like to track how far you have run, the speed you run, or need some extra motivation whilst you run, The Nike Run Club app can help you. This app uses GPS to track your runs so you can visually see the speed, distance and location of your run. You can also connect with friends to compare, compete or cheer each other on or share your progress to maximise motivation. This app also offers guided runs where you can have guidance from expert coaches and athletes to give you tips and motivation to improve your running.

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