Moose Coffee

If you know moose coffee, you can’t think about pancakes without dreaming over Moose Coffee’s famous giant pancakes. This popular brunch spot will see queues lining up outside for their American style fluffy pancakes this Tuesday. Located on Dale Street and Hope street, you have double the chance to enjoy their pancakes.

Tavern Co

If you haven’t been for a “tavern breakfast” and still live in Liverpool, where have you been? Famous for their huge breakfasts, unlimited tea and coffee and half price deals throughout the year, Tavern Co is one of the most popular breakfast spots in Liverpool, and to make it even better, they are offering 50% off all pancakes 7am until 10pm on Tuesday 25th February.

Thoughtfully Cafe

A hidden gem only a stroll away from Liverpool one, thoughtfully cafe is a cosy spot to watch the world go by, enjoy good food and good coffee. They are offering a range of pancakes this Tuesday and includes vegan options too.

Brunch Club

The Brunch club is famous for… well, Brunch. They know how to make a good pancake every day of the year, so will not disappoint you this shrove Tuesday. With a range of toppings to choose from, you will be sure to leave the Brunch club with a warm feeling in your belly (or a food coma).

Heavenly Desserts

If you dream about a restaurant purely dedicated for desserts, we’ve got you. Heavenly desserts located in Liverpool one sells most desserts you could think of, making it the perfect place to enjoy pancakes this Tuesday.

Heavenly Desserts