We all know how hard life is at times. It can ruin our routines and stop us from seeing friends and family. It just takes that little bit of motivation to get us going. Taking time out to recharge, reboot and reset is essential for your future health and well-being.

Body holidays are the new trend so to learn more we recently caught up with the team behind the popular ‘Body and Mind Reboot’, otherwise known as “BMR”.

BMR is a non military style bootcamp based in Bedford and Tatton Park. All staff at BMR pride themselves on devoting to helping people achieve their goals with the confidence boost from the experienced team. A time to switch off from the outside world, enjoy activities, eat well and sleep well.

People highfiving after working out

About Body and Mind Reboot Bootcamp

The residential retreat is managed by ex-Brookside actress Ann Marie Davies (Katrina Evans) who has regular visitors from her hometown of Liverpool. A combination between a retreat and bootcamp, BMR offer a unique service where their main focus is you. A desire to help you achieve your goals are the building blocks of this retreat.

After check-in, you will have a personal tour around the facilities where you will be staying. You will then meet the team and fellow campers, followed by a welcome session. A personal trainer will be provided for those 1-2-1 sessions tailored to your desirable goals. The day itself is split into different parts, check in, 1-2-1 with your PT, HITT session, followed by a break, yoga and pilates and to finish, dinner. Sessions are mixed up every day to ensure your body is guessing and able to maximise performance.

The main focus

The main emphasis of this programme is mental health, a considerably big topic across the world but surprisingly many people still prefer not to talk about it. Ensuring our psychological well-being is healthy is essential for physical health. Performing at our best is only possible if our mind is in a good place as many factors can occur from low mood and motivation. We forget goals we’ve set, make silly errors and ultimately don’t feel like there is an end goal. Food is another downfall when we’re feeling down. BMR have combined all the essential platforms needed for you to achieve your goals. It is all about taking the next steps now.

Nutrition, a tailored exercise programme and the professional guidance are provided to take your training and motivation to the next level.

Besides the main focus which is the bootcamp, BMR also provide motivational talks and workshops covering nutrition, body confidence and mindset. Guest numbers are kept low due to the main focus on you as an individual. This feature provides you with the time and guidance from the professionals at BMR. Open to both male and females of all shapes and abilities.

You might be wondering what people have had to say about Body and Mind Reboot? As one client Sarah said, “Thank you for giving me that Friday feeling on a Monday morning”. Another client Dan stated, “They’ve created something very special”.

BMR were also rewarded as The Winner of the LTG Spa and Wellness Awards 2019/2020. “The judges were really impressed with your team’s personal nature, consistency or reviews and overall attractiveness. It’s extra rewarding to know you are making a positive difference to people’s physical/mental health & wellbeing”. A fantastic achievement to date with a real focus on providing the best possible service they can offer. Check out their social media and website below for further information on next available dates and venue location. For further queries, feel free to drop them an email.