While it’s still a good idea to stay home as much as possible, we mustn’t forget about staying not only healthy
but also fit! But how to do it, if we cannot go out and have our regular bike trip? Of course, we can always
train on our smart trainer, but let’s face it – it’s getting dull pretty fast. Viro Race can change those boring
and monotonous training sessions into something way more engaging. How will it work? It’s simple – by
adding some gamification into your workout!

Viro Race

Features of Viro Race Pro

Viro Race Pro was designed for those who treat their training with the greatest solemnity, training on
smart trainers at home, usually off-season. However even professional cyclists can get bored peddling,
while looking on a wall in front of them, through the window, or even on the screen, that is not
engaging them in any way. Adding depth and gamification to every ANT+ smart trainer bike workout
can increase not only their engagement but also help them train more efficiently.

It is designed to give the trainees a new dimension of home training and competitions – says
Marcin, CEO of Fit Reality, company that developed Viro Race Pro. Viro’s virtual fitness
racing has some of the most advanced graphical assets ever developed in fitness gaming, such
as active training plans, live leaderboards, fitness tracking and fitness gamification.

Viro Race

In-game elements of Viro Race and head to head competitive challenges will help you ramp
up the intensity of your workout. Due to the immersive nature of Viro Race Pro, your effort
will be less visible while thanks to the addictiveness of gaming the process of finding the
regular motivation to race will be easier.

The immersive game mechanics ensure that the training will never get boring. Amazingly
detailed tracks together with deeply motivating soundtrack and in-game elements, such as
different futuristic vehicle skins, ghost races and game challenges make it even more
engaging. In a good way, that gives trainees both the well-tailored training sessions they need
and entertainment they deserve.

Viro Race

Can this be multi-player?

The game offers single player and multiplayer with head-to-head competitive challenges against other players. In the future, Viro Race will implement battles so that every user can challenge their friends. Users will get notified whenever someone
challenges them or beats their lap time.

Viro race

What’s included?

For €99, the Viro Race Pro starter pack includes bluetooth USB adapter for your computer, a cadence sensor, and a game controller for your bike that allows navigating through different obstacles that slow the bike down and through objects that increase its speed during a race.
You can sign up for it now at virorace.com.

What equipment do you need at home?

To start using Viro Race you need a computer or laptop that meets recommended requirements, and an ANT+ smart trainer or stationary bike. Having a racer spirit and a desire to train hard while playing a positively addictive video game is not a must, but highly recommended!

How do you get started?

  1. Register on virorace.com.
  2. Purchase Viro Race starting pack.
  3. Download and install the game onto your computer.
  4. Pair the controller to the steering wheel.
  5. Pair the cadence sensor with your computer
  6. Connect the controller to the steering wheel
  7. Connect the cadence sensor to the bike pedal.
  8. Log in
  9. Start racing!
Game set up