A new float centre opened in Liverpool this year and is the new way to relax . Float Planet based on Dale street is a sanctuary right in the city centre where you can block out external sounds, light and even gravity to provide the perfect environment to relax and meditate.

Float Planet, 97 Dale St, Liverpool, L2 2JD

What is Floatation therapy and what are the benefits?

Floatation therapy is known as sensory deprivation or R.E.S.T (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy). It has a variety of physical and mental benefits for the body including improving sleep quality, relieving stress, helping to overcome additions and phobias, improving blood circulation, and improving sports recovery.

Float Planet, 97 Dale St, Liverpool, L2 2JD

The experience

The experience involves lying in a state of the art tank with water infused with Epsom salts to balance the electrolytes in your body. Ear plugs are provided to help block out external stimuli, however relaxing music is played for the first 10 minutes to help you to relax.

Float Planet is suitable for anyone who wants to alleviate physical or mental stress, including pregnant women, athletes and professionals.

Float Planet, 97 Dale St, Liverpool, L2 2JD

How much is floatation therapy?

A single float costs £40, however Float Planet offer a range of packages and membership prices ranging from £30-105 to suit your budget. Visit their website for more information and detail on prices.

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