Has your diet gone out of the window this weekend?

Do you feel like you’ve undone all of the hard work you’ve put in?

Don’t worry.

Here are some top tips to get back on track to reach your health and fitness goals and feel like a new person.

1) Go for a long walk.

Don’t sit in bed and feel guilty for all of the alcohol you’ve consumed over the weekend, or the takeaway you had on saturday. Get up and out and move your body. It will ease you back into exercising, get you out in the fresh air, and helps to clear your mind for the week ahead.

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And with a view like that, who wouldn’t want to go for a walk?

2) Write down what you want to achieve this week.

Don’t just think about what you want to achieve, write it down. Goals written down are more likely to be reached. Plus it feels so much more satisfying when you cross it off.

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3) Don’t be too restrictive

Don’t punish yourself for eating takeaways and drinking alcohol by eating like a rabbit all week. You’re more likely to give into cravings or binge eat again next weekend if you do so. Eat healthily, but fill yourself up with nutritious food. Have a small treat (and by this i don’t mean a whole pack of biscuits) every day to keep yourself sane! It should be a lifestyle not a quick fix!

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4) Drink lots of water

This is the oldest trick in the book. When people say they need to “detox” the best way to do so is to drink water!! It will help with your skin, help to prevent hunger, and But increasing your water intake will rehydrate you after drinking alcohol and high salt foods.

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