When it comes to staying physically active, many people have their own motivational factors. These can vary from intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. It all depends what drives an individual to reach goals more quickly and efficiently. Remember, its a long race. It all depends how much effort you put in.

Listed below, we will analysis different aspects that contribute to staying physically fit daily. We all understand the health benefits, that range from general wellbeing, cognitive function and cardiovascular health. Now lets now discuss what motivates people to stay in routines, keep goals set and ultimately stay driven.

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Extrinsic motivators

This popular saying refers to reward driven behaviour, or other incentives like praise, fame and money. So what does this mean? Well, some individuals strive to achieve with these goals as a motivational factor.

We all need money, sometimes this can be a fantastic driving force to get you to your required goals quicker. In addition, money can be that end goal helping an individual train harder and put more effort in the required areas. The desire of fame always has a part in extrinsic motivation. This can relate to idols and influencers that trigger that work force. Following on, provided the right information is provided, idols and influencers can share their own experiences which to some can be very inspiring. Extrinsic rewards can be used to motivate people. These refer to acquiring new skills or knowledge. Once these have been learned, people may then become more intrinsically motivated.

To finish, these factors all contribute in different ways. It just depends on the person and their goals.

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Intrinsic motivators

This meaning refers to an inner drive. A desire to achieve from personal satisfaction and enjoyment. A few examples may vary from learning a new sport, seeking challenges and setting short/long term goals to achieve a target. Furthermore, relating back to physical activity, this can be a way people stay motivated by increasing technique and enjoying it. In addition, experiencing a sense of euphoria and internally rewarding.

How do we explain this? People who generally feel motivated internally, do not compete against one another. They feel urged to overcome tasks and challenges for psychological needs and satisfaction. Relating this to being physically active, people strive to experiment on how they could change physically depending on what type of physical activity they pursue. As a result of this, it can improve cognitive function, general wellbeing which will further enhance quality of life.

Therefore, with all that being said. This type of motivation can help others as it will influence others to achieve. Why not set yourself some short term goals?

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Influencers / Idols

Defined as being a number one motivating factor. Everyone has an idol or influencer, sports have many inspiring figures that motivate people to train harder. In addition, they have an indirect influence on our training besides just idolising them. Therefore, a huge contributing factor to peoples driven goals, are the idols we’ve grown up watching. As a result, people who may not be inclined doing daily recommended physical activity may be driven by influencers which is a big benefit.

Following on, social media plays a big role in sharing content because of how accessible it is currently. Popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram provide a level off detail and information that enable people to understand more. In addition, follow their idols/influencers daily for motivation.

We believe these factors are the main contributing effects to more individuals engaging in physical activity daily.

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