We all know the importance of water intake for improving our overall health and daily functions. However the benefits of alkaline water is increasingly becoming popular among athletes and health enthusiasts. Angel Revive natural alkaline water provides high quality naturally sourced alkaline water that has become popular with athletes such as Jamie Carragher, Rocky Fielding and Amir Khan to name a few. 

Angel Revive Natural Spring Water.

What is Alkaline water? 

The acidity or alkalinity of something is measure as a pH. The typical pH of the water that comes out of our taps are usually a pH of around 7 (neutral). Alkaline water has a pH of anything above 7. Angel revive natural alkaline water has a pH 8.2 and contains a range of minerals including nitrates, salts, calcium, sulphates and magnesium to balance the electrolytes in the body which is vital for organ function. 

Angel Revive Natural Alkaline Water

What are the benefits of Alkaline water? 

  • Improves hydration
  • Anti-ageing properties
  • Immune system support
  • Improved digestion
  • Skin health
  • Improves blood sugar levels
  • Reduces liver damage
Angel Revive Natural Spring Water.

Who is Angel Revive Natural Alkaline water suitable for?

Typically, alkaline water is suitable for athletes or general exercisers that produce a lot of sweat and therefore need to replace water and electrolytes to rehydrate the body. Your body can absorb minerals from fluids faster than foods, therefore alkaline water can be a great way to replenish electrolytes lost from the body and improve hydration. 

Angel Revive Natural Alkaline Water

Additionally when we exercise, our body produces lactate, which makes our bodies acidic and increases fatigue. Drinking alkaline water can be found to reduce the acidity of the blood, thus reducing fatigue and improving performance. 

Eating a high vegetable diet is also known to increase the pH in our bodies, therefore alkaline water is great for those whose diet consists of little vegetables and highly processed foods, as their diet will be highly acidic. 

It should be noted that alkaline water may not be suitable for people with kidney problems due to some medications prescribed to control the pH of your urine, therefore it is best to speak to your doctor if you have renal impairment. 

Angel Revive Natural Alkaline Water

About Angel Revive

Angel Revive Natural Alkaline water is sourced from a mineral spring in Lancashire which has been known for its mineral benefits for over 400 years. Owner Mark Doyle, developed the brand after buying land in the West Lancashire countryside that contained a well dating back to the 17th century containing natural spring water that was known historically to have healing properties. Footballer Steven Gerrard has since become a well known ambassador for Angel Revive and has worked with Mark to develop the brand and are soon to be releasing a new range of alkaline based sports supplements.

Angel Revive Natural Spring Water.

Mark states “We are proud to be the only company in the UK, and one of few in the world to sell natural alkaline water with natural electrolytes.”

Steven states “The company is growing worldwide and I am proud to work with a company I believe in.”

Steven Gerrard – Angel Revive ambassador
Steven and Mark – Angel Revive Natural Spring Water.