With all that’s happening across the world, we have some good news for gym goers. Dedicated gym has recently had an upgrade on their changing room facilities. Dedicated gym has strived to achieve a high standard across their gym which ranges from supplement variety, gym equipment and washing facilities. Here at LivFitMag we believe they have got everything a gym should have and more. In addition to that, dedicated gym has some big reveals in the upcoming weeks which we are very excited for. 

Sinks and mirrors
Showering rooms

The recent addition to Dedicated Gym is their brand-new changing rooms which has had a huge upgrade from its previous look. Having state-of-the-art bathroom facilities, individuals who are members at Dedicated Gym now have access to a bigger changing room, showers, new lockers, stylish mirrors and a sauna in both male and female changing rooms. 

There are now 9 available showers in each changing room allowing more members to wash after they have worked out. Having completely refined the changing rooms, this has allowed the staff members to create something special. Members now have access to one of the most luxury changing room facilities we at LivFitMag have ever seen. Not to mention, the fantastic gym waiting outside for members. 

Washing room

Dedicated Gym staff designed the changing rooms focusing on members feeling comfortable and relaxed in a gym setting. Additionally, focusing on the practicality of the changing rooms as a whole and what remaining space they had available. The washing facilities offer a clean feel, not to mention the huge mirror directly in front of you. Perfect for those post workout selfies. 

The toilets provide a clean feel to them. Going for an appealing colour scheme, they have definitely nailed the colour combination. We were blown away when we visited Dedicated Gym and just how well their staff maintained the changing rooms. The staff members and managers continue to push the boundaries in terms of equipment and facilities which is a fantastic approach to have in the fitness industry. 

Drying room
Drying room

With the brand-new changing room design comes some brilliant features. Having one of the biggest changing rooms now in the North West, Dedicated Gym have invested in some mirrors. A perfect addition to all those gym fanatics. With the addition of some of the best lighting available, you are only one step away from a top gym photo. Alongside the mirrors, are brand new hairdryers and straighteners for the female changing rooms so you don’t have to worry about taking them to work, and you can always look your best. 

Another cool feature is their new lockers with a unique stained grey design finished with the Watson Strength Equipment logo. A spacious locker suitable for rucksacks, shoes or a small holdall. Dedicated Gym were able to fit more lockers into both male and female changing rooms due to the amount of space made available. 

Sauna room

The final feature, if not the best, is their brand-new sauna in the heart of the gym. After those hard-hitting workouts, what better way to de-stress and recover by going into sauna. The managers and staff have gone above and beyond to bring members the best state of the art equipment and facilities they can offer. Dedicated Gym membership is now available for £24.99 on a monthly subscription or a one of payment of £250 for the year. 

As a member of Dedicated Gym, you have access to 24/7 gym use, the largest dumbbell rack in the world, state of the art Watson Strength Equipment with some of the best equipment available on the market, huge cardio section and a 1000 square feet supplement store. Why not check their website and social media out below for further information or enquiries. 

Dedicated Fitness Gym website – https://www.dedicatedfitnessxl.com/