All it takes is two weeks of lymphatic massages, endless chewing, Epsom salts and sheer determination.

I often see clients staring at me when they think I’m not looking. I suspect they’re looking for a scar mark or some remnant of an injection. If a woman my age looks in any way radiant these days, people assume it must be down to some Harley Street Laser or facelift.

These days, I spring out of bed at 5.30am to make hot water with lemon which I mix with alkaline powder and magnesium citrate, (natural laxative)

Then I turn on Radio City, feed the chickens, sort my horses out, and then the bathroom beckons. I look forward to breakfast which is stale buckwheat bread, lunch a baked potato and dinner if sometimes nothing , Not every day – only when I decide it’s time to cleanse out all the rubbish.

Before I became a health practitioner/ colonic Hydrotherapist, I might have fasted to get into my jeans. But once you understand the science, and your mind-set is prepared. you embrace the pain I offer a gentle escape at my clinic in Chester The ultra-detox is a 3 day residential.

An introduction to a cleansing programme.

The principle of the detox (or Betty Fords) as one of our regulars calls it.

”it’s not what you eat, but how you eat it just chewing is so important – it’s where digestion starts.. Producing saliva.. Creating simalyse and amalise.. Enzymes to break food down.

Crabwall Manor Hotel & Spa
Crabwall Manor Hotel & Spa

Our colon is a hive of activity. where most of our serotonin ; happy hormone is made.

Good digestion after chewing, chewing and more chewing means you absorb nutrients more easily, produce the good hormones and efficiently get rid of all the junk.

Alkaline based foods (vegetables, seeds and good oils) are said to lower inflammation, making the body less susceptible to anything from colds to cancer and the menopause symptoms such as hot flushes and joint pain.

Recently there has been research suggesting that inflammation may be the true cause of depression. To date, no study has conclusively linked to low serotonin levels to depression Whereas inflammation, which you experience when run down or suffering from conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, is linked to low mood.

Patients given anti-inflammatory drugs often report feeling happier.

To get to a state of purity, one must rid the body of all its rubbish.

At the Ultra-Detox retreat at Crabwall Manor Hotel and spa Chester, Epsom salts are used to kick-start the process, in addition to massages, colonic hydrotherapy, stomach rubs, Chinese cupping, facial, Hopi candles, and body wrap.

Resting your body from wheat, sugar, gluten Lactose, alcohol, caffeine and Hard-to-digest raw foods..

It’s 3 days of vegetable cold pressed juice, clay and psyllium husk, lots of water and clear broth The body does not thank you for this.

Often clients fluctuating between extreme tiredness, coldness, and headaches.

Often clients can feel tearful. And experience a ‘come down ‘. We don’t advertise ourselves as a psychiatric clinic, sometimes we should.

We are rigorously based on mindfulness,

I’ve trained in Nlp with Sue Knight and have one of the best mindfulness coaches on board Andrew Cygler … hopefully identifying feelings and ( this is the hard part..)helping clients to sit with it.

Clients arrive with a lot of serious crutches.

Wine, drugs, coffee and anger. Their digestion unspeakably bad, IBS to name but a few.

Clients tell me they have searched and researched for a local place to kick-start the mind body and soul, Lots of publications about the gut are being read now, and people are thankfully becoming aware of what an important organ the COLON is.

Lovely Flat Tummy

A publication of the bestselling gut by Giulia Enders, which has the whole world talking about digestion and, by default the ultra-detox. here in the North West Talk about hardship: the more you cleanse yourself, the more you glow, you will wake up with clear eyes and without the spots that you went to bed with. Cellulite will start to disappear along with eye bags, and frown marks also get a much needed rest.

Of course we recommend lots of massages the week before you attend.. and when you arrive swimming pool amounts of herbal teas and going to bed before 9pm without your usual 3 glasses of wine The ultra-detox facilitates your organs to check out for a few days.

When people leave the hotel,  the proof is in the face, So to speak (and the hair, flat tummy and shockingly cheerful disposition.

Crabwall Manor Hotel & Spa
Treatment Room

The 3 day ultra-detox is a 3 day residential stay at Crabwall Manor Hotel and Spa, which is £799 per person They run Sunday – Wednesday monthly throughout the year.

3-Day Ultra Detox Includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Fluffy Robe and Slippers
  • Full use of spa & gym
  • Mindfulness Coaching Session
  • Yoga Class
  • Treatments
  • Juices and Broth