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We rely on many types of food and drinks to get us through our daily routines. But do we consider what impacts make a good energy drink? Energy drinks have been a very popular choice of drink in the last few years, Arguably one of the most. With many more top quality drinks making their way to the supermarket shelves. This just goes to show how popular these are with consumers across the world. In addition to that, a select group of people depend of energy drinks (caffeine) to wake them up or get them through a long day.

Many new brands have made their way into the fitness industry which has created a buzz and excitement. Listed below, we will discuss the benefits of energy drinks. What flavours they come in, and how they have become more popular over the last five years.

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What are the benefits?

Where to start, energy drinks mainly contain stimulant compounds such as caffeine. They provide mental and psychical stimulation before exercise, work or any other related area. The main purposes are to stimulate the central nervous system, improve cognitive function and increase pump, depending on certain drinks. In addition, many people prefer this beverage over a standard coffee due to flavouring and effects. Many of the top rated drinks contain ingredients such as taurine which put simply can increase increase intracellular hydration. This can promote a full muscle feeling, as well as reducing inflammation, increased cardiovascular health, increased joint health and many more.

Many people prefer the kick from an energy drink as a pose to standard coffee. With the addition of other ingredient benefits such as mood improvement and reaction time, this can improve performances in the gym, fitness activity of sporting event. Many individuals strive to find ingredients/supplements to help enhance their performances. With that being said, companies have listened to their consumers and are currently making energy drinks to suit demand. 400mg of caffeine is the daily allowance. Exceeding that can lead to increased blood pressure and heart rate. Furthermore, exceeding this amount may give you jitters and make you feel irritable, sleepless and trigger anxiety. Most energy drinks only contain around 200mg which is perfectly fine. Ultimately it depends on an individuals tolerance to stimulants and the effects.

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What flavours are they available in?

Many energy drinks across the last five years have had common flavours. These vary from strawberry, apple, blue raspberry and watermelon. However, many companies have start developing mixed blends. Bringing something new to the industry by creating unique packaging and marketing for the flavour. Not to mention the hype this develops for all energy drink enthusiasts. Some unique combinations that have arrived within the energy drink world, range from blue raspberry lemonade, strawberry lime, melon medley and summer berries.

Put simply, many drinks are now available in all flavours. Due to demand, unique flavours have been made to add a twist. Competition is created from this which is only going to get better for daily consumers.

Energy drinks – AP

What are the most popular energy drinks around?

Most of the well known energy drinks are owned by american companies. With more companies driven towards making new and better drinks, this only elevates the hype and demand even more. There a few well known energy drinks listed below, however there are additional brands that have been included due to their ingredient panels and popularity.

. Red bull.

. Rockstar.

. Relentless.

. Monster.

. 3D energy.

. Merica energy.

. Reign.

. lucozade.

These are the main energy drinks that deserve a spot on the list. Most containing adequate amounts of caffeine, and cognitive enhancing ingredients to help keep you energised and alert for your own satisfaction

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