Amanda Harrington has been a popular face in the city due to her TV & modelling career. 

The model and influencer took to our screens staring in the Liverpool TV show, Desperate ScouseWives and Girls of the Playboy Mansion. 

Amanda’s career has taken a turn due to the huge success of her revolutionary health and fitness machine, Zero Fat which boasts to burn over 800 calories in just one session.

Zero Fat

The machine claims to ‘shed pounds faster than ever before’ whilst sitting in a luxurious chair and listening to music, watching netflix or your favourite tv show, with the headphones provided whilst cycling under the infrared light for 45minutes. 

Zero Fat

The idea behind the invention is the infrared heat makes you perspire, which gives you a cardiovascular boost even before you start cycling and the infrared light therapy treats your skin at the same time. Giving you an all over body facial. Zerofat is not only for burning major calories it’s proven to help with skin conditions such as Acne, Psoriasis and Eczema and all over well being. 

Zero Fat

Exercise bathed by the warming glow of Infrared light therapy,  elevates your core body temperature and boosts your metabolic rate, allegedly helping you burn calories 44% faster than most other fitness routines. 

Zero Fat

Used by elite athletes the world over, Infrared is the same form of light therapy used to aid recovery by the US gymnastics team at Rio 2016.

US Gymnastics Team 2016

The ZeroFat machine is available at Beyond Medispa in Liverpool ONE’s Beauty Bazaar, Harvey Nichols store.

Beauty Bazaar, Liverpool ONE

Speaking to Liverpool Fitness Magazine Amanda said “The fitness industry is huge now in Liverpool and the UK generally. I am made up with the success I have had so far with Zero Fat. It’s been hard work and I’ve learnt so much but I am excited about the future plans to launch in Manchester, London and Dubai”.

Amanda Harrington

Zero Fat

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