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Keeping fit and losing weight may seem expensive, but there are simple ways to keep fit that don’t break the bank. Don’t waste your money on diet pills and ab toners. Instead, follow these simple but effective ways to reach your goal.

Walk more

By increasing your steps per day this increases your non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). This is when your body burns calories through activities that aren’t sports. You could do this by cleaning, gardening, shopping (result), or by taking the stairs. Aiming for 10k to 15k steps per day could help the average person burn 400-600 calories extra per day, as well as significantly improving their cardiovascular health.

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Use youtube and instagram for at home workout ideas

Instagram and Youtube have increasingly become popular for people to gain inspiration for workouts at home and at the gym. Many influencers, personal trainers, and fitness enthusiasts post videos of step by step workouts for both beginners and advanced levels.

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Use resistance bands

If you want to increase the intensity of your home workouts, or want to improve your strength without the cost of a gym membership, resistance bands are a great addition to your gym bag. They range from £7-£15 and can come in a variety of strengths to suit you.

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Go for a run

Running is not only free, but is one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises to increase your stamina and improve your health.

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Make your own lunches for work

You may think eating healthy is expensive, but making your own healthy meals at home, will not only save you money but doesn’t have the hidden calories that most shop bought sandwiches have with added sauces and oils.

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Track your calories

Apps such as ‘My Fitness Pal’ are a great way to track what you’re eating. You simply scan the barcode of your food, or search the item and the app will add up the calories and macronutrients for each item. Whether your goal is to eat more or less calories, hit your protein intake or eat less sugar, apps like this can help you to stick to your fitness goals for no cost.

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